Video Productions

The Texas Flag

Aerial video footage of a large Texas flag located in Waco Texas. 

This is a basic demonstration of our video editing capabilities.

We use commercial editing software to enhance the final product. 

The Texas Flag - Video Modifications

Texas Flag

Original Raw 4K Footage

Frame Cropped

Texas Flag

Footage Processed for HD

@ Half Speed

Texas Flag

Footage Processed for 4K

@ Half Speed with Subtle Cartoon FX

Other Video Projects

Various Exercises and Edited Footage

Dolly Shot

Reverse Zoom Out and climb to 300' then return at the same rate.

Skeletons Galore

An Awshuxs Studio Production

Fort Parker Memorial

This is a full flight video in raw 4K format with background audio.

Wind Turbines

The Studio Logo

Old Fort Parker

Awshuxs Studios Production

Hawk's Hot Chicken Sign

Various exercises in editing and perspectives.

Original Video Footage

Postproduction Videos